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Your flight to Copenhagen from Luxembourg

Your flight to Copenhagen with Luxair

Fly to Copenhagen from the Luxembourg airport !

Andersen's Little Mermaid at the harbor entrance will tell you there is no city trendier than Copenhagen! A city you easily discover on foot with an unstoppable cultural offering, vibrant nightlife and the Danish lifestyle.

Visit the Danish Design Museum where you can see the evolution of Danish design or let you carry to the Denmark of the nineteenth century, thanks to the amazing reconstruction of the open-air museum Frilandsmuseet, in Lyngby, close to Copenhagen.

Moreover, as Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen is the national cultural, economic and governmental centre. It has many official buildings, like the Christiansborg Palace, seat of the Danish parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Supreme Court.  

Luxair would like to add its contribution with a favourable round-trip flight from the airport Luxembourg to Copenhagen.

Discover the coolest neighborhoods in the center of Copenhagen, The Latiner Kvarter and Vesterbrogade, where you will find nice pubs, lounges and DJ bars.

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