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Seat selection

Select your seat for your next Luxair flights

Near the window? Closer to your travel companions? Or rather on the aisle? For your next flight with Luxair, discover our free Seat selection service, and choose your seat while doing your online check in (in general, 24 hours before departure).

  • 24 hours before departure, you can do your online check-in, and choose your seat from the aircraft seatmap. Just go to your myLuxair profile, select the flight you want to check in and follow the steps to the seat selection.
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  • You can also access the online check in from our Web Check-in page. Once you have logged in, it's an easy process to the seat selection and to the boarding pass.
  • Alternatively, if your mobile is web-enabled, you can use our mobile check-in and mobile seat selection service: Just register in myLuxair to the mobile check-in alert service, and 24 hours before your next flight you will receive an invitation for mobile check-in. Follow the process until the seat selection, and you will receive your boarding pass in a 2D barcode, directly on your phone.
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