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Flying secured with Luxair partners insurances

A travel insurance will offer you peace of mind
Together with its long-term insurance partner AXA Luxembourg, LUXAIR offers you:
-    2 insurance solutions valid before and during your trip
-    and 1 Assistance solution valid during your trip.

1)    The insurance “Cancellation”: cancel at the lowest fees!
An unforeseen event forces you to cancel or postpone your departure? With the “Cancellation” Insurance we reimburse you the cancellation fees of your ticket.

Most unforeseen events are covered: if you or an immediate family member becomes sick or has an accident, a private or professional incident (a new job…), visa refusal…

Price: 10 € / Person
For detailed information see the special conditions [6 pages]

2)    With the insurance “Cancellation & Baggage” your baggage is insured!
On top of the cancellation (see above), if your baggage is lost, damaged or stolen you will be reimbursed up to 1.250 €. Valid for all your baggage, including your photo or video camera or your computer.

Price: 15 € / Person
For detailed information see the special conditions [9 pages]

3)    With the “Assistance” solution you protect your health!
In case of a disease or an accident your insurance will cover you worldwide, offering you repatriation assistance, medical care and hospitalization, research and / or emergency services as well as an anticipated return home.

Also consider a legal insurance.

Price: 20 € / Person
For detailed information see the special conditions [25 pages]

Why sign up for an insurance?
When travelling your health and accident risks are higher (different nutrition, climate, being less attentive, new activities…). A travel insurance covers financial risks and potential needs for medical assistance.

We offer exclusive solutions, tailor made for our clients’ needs.

How to sign up for an insurance?
It is easy and automatically offered when you book your ticket online, via our Call Center and our Ticketing.

Introducing a claim
Following forms are to be completed and sent to AXA Luxembourg:

Insurance claim – Travel cancellation
Insurance claim - Baggage & Personal effects
Insurance claim - Accident & Illness

AXA, your travel insurance specialist

AXA Assistance means:

  • Over 50 years of expertise, partner of well-known international companies,
  • present in over 30 countries on 5 continents,
  • a twofold speciality: travel insurance and medical assistance,
  • interventions in 200 countries to assist its customers 24/24.

Our customers’ satisfaction is a common value for LUXAIR and AXA Luxembourg.

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