The LuxairServices Catering department of Luxair S.A. has been based at Luxembourg airport for over 40 years. No expense has been spared to ensure a continuous production of various meals.

The LuxairServices Catering department’s foremost priorities are customer satisfaction and quality of service. An extensive list of satisfied customers confirms this excellence in hospitality and refined homemade produce.
The Catering department’s mission is to supply airlines based at Luxembourg Airport or transiting through Luxembourg. Its main customer is Luxair Luxembourg Airlines.
But catering is also prepared for general aviation, business and leisure charters, VIP customers as well as cargo flights.
The Catering department also provides beverages, dry goods, newspapers and catering handling (up- and offloads, transport, stocking, refrigerating and washing up).
Meal production covers every need from short-flight snacks to the most executive gourmet menus for business flights. The selection of menus can be fitted to the client’s needs; the dedicated service is able to reply to any special requests for individual creations.
The same services are gladly made available for any corporate customer in the greater Luxembourg city area for all kinds of events.
LuxairServices Catering department also provides food services for LuxairGroup corporate events, from cold buffets to full business lunches.