08.05.2013 16:30

"Mois du Don" at LuxairGroup: 4.000 euro for the Red Cross collected by Luxair crews

For the 5th consecutive year, the cabin crew members of Luxair Luxembourg Airlines have mobilised for the Month of Giving, raising just over € 4,000 for the Red Cross in Luxembourg.

The entire Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg went into action from the 1st to the 30th of April to raise money for the most vulnerable members of society in Luxembourg and in the world. More than 2,000 volunteer fundraisers from the Red Cross went out to canvass households, companies and organisations and appeal to their generosity.

The cabin crew members of Luxair Luxembourg Airlines also reasserted their support for the Red Cross by launching an appeal for donations onboard Luxair flights during the month of April. The operation raised just over € 4,000!

Donations are vital in order to enable the Red Cross to bring to fruition its actions in Luxembourg and worldwide and are used to finance new development projects in the fields of health, youth, social services and humanitarian aid.