30.01.2014 10:54

Fly relax

New seminars to overcome the fear of flying planned between March and June 2014 are open for registrations.

In order to help its passengers control their fears and stress linked to air travel, Luxair Luxembourg Airlines stages specific seminars run by a team of experts among which, a psychologist.

A few technical explanations about the operation of the aircraft and weather conditions as well as a visit to a cockpit are often helpful to familiarise with take-off, landing and flight procedures and to already appease certain fears.

Next 2014 sessions: 22 and 23 March (in French and Luxembourgish), 17 and 18 May (in French and Luxembourgish) and on 28 and 29 June (in German and Luxembourgish) .

Information and registration : phone: (+352) 621 211 317 or e-mail: