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Discover Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, also called « the city of 100 spires » which is not done surprising you yet. Characterized by an intense intellectual life and an active music scene, Prague distinguishes itself with its high dynamics and invites one to discover another Europe. The city shows its beauty by many architectural treasures from its rich history, countless churches and castles which are a simple reflection of its magnificent past at the crossroad of former European empires.

Of course, long walks will make you thirsty… which is why the Czech capital offers you the world’s best beers in one of the many hospody (beerhouses) stationed at every street corner. Drink responsively, and:

Na Zdravì Praho! (Cheers Prag!)

Good restaurants in Prague

Since the Czech Republic has joined the UE in 2004, the tourism industry has developed itself a lot, leading to many international cuisines being introduced to the Prague restaurant scene. Luckily, Central European recipes still dominate the local gastronomic scene. You should therefore enjoy the classic, Czech homely meals like the Sví?ková (roast beef with cream sauce), and the national dish, Vep?o-knedlo-zelo (pork with cabbage and dumplings). You will appreciate this typical food at any charming Hospoda (beerhouse) topped with a cold pilsner.

Shopping in the streets of Prague

If you’re in Prague and are exclusively looking for Czech craftsmanship products or any specialty from the Czech gastronomy, you should shop at the small boutiques which are numerous in the district called New Town. But don’t get mistaken: the New Town (« Nové M?sto » in Czech) is a district dated from the Middle Ages, founded by Charles IV, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in April 1348. Walk across Václavské námesti (Wenceslas Square), and continue immediately below to the pedestrian zone Na P?íkop?. If you prefer shops of luxury brands, you can find them in Karoliny Sv?tlé and Bartolom?jská. In any case, shop with a free mind: you have 20 kg of luggage included with a Luxair reservation!


Prague has a lively nightlife and anyone who wants to, can dance at the nightclubs until dawn. Most Pražani (the Prague inhabitants) start the evening at one of the city’s many bars, cafés, or beerhouses. There are also boat tours available during the night on the Vltava river to explore the city from the docks.

In Prague you will find everything from hotels, to apartments and guest houses. It is guaranteed that you will find a place to stay even if you book last minute. So don’t hesitate and book now your unforgettable trip: Luxair offers you cheap flights and last minute flights during the entire year from Luxembourg to Prague.

List of flights from March 27th to August 22nd 2016


 Luxembourg - prague
LG 5483 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12.40 - 14.00
LG 5487 Sunday 14.30 - 15.50
 prague - Luxembourg
LG 5484 Monday, Wednesday, Friday 14.35 - 15.55
LG 5488 Sunday 16.25 - 17.45


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Lovers of culture, gazers of architecture, friends of nature, Prague is the incarnation of all your desires.
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